[Review] The Princess Guide - Nintendo Switch

The Princess Guide is a niche action role playing game where you take on hordes of baddies and train a princess up to be a powerful ruler. It takes some more traditional mechanics from the RPG genre, and borrows some others from the beat em up category. The Princess Guide (somewhat) introduces a scold/praise mechanic to aid in your grooming.

The Princess Guide dumps us into the game with a tutorial battle that also serves as the "last" battle for our protagonist, a great general. Such is this general's renown that bards have composed songs, books are written about, and children aspire to be him. While the last battle shows our general to still be capable, he is no longer in his prime, and he is relieved of duty so that he may retire with his life. Of course, being an old soldier that knows nothing else but battle, the decision is made to become a military counsel to up and coming rulers. There are four princesses warring over the land, and you will get the opportunity t…

[Review] The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition - Nintendo Switch

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition brings a light hearted zombie-horde style twin-stick shooter to the Nintendo Switch with absurd flair and lots of mutant veggies animated by crazy aliens. Yes, if you immediately thought of the Powerpuff Girls episode with the angry broccoli aliens, know that I did, too...and it's influence on this game shines very brightly, even if indirectly. If only there were a stupendous power up that allowed you to eat them to death, it could have been complete. While there are not overt Powerpuff Girl references, there are a lot of other nostalgiac game and media references to be found, which even includes a worn-VHS style warp line that loops through the screen as you play. This, along with screen shake and screen flash can be modified or turned off from the options, but it adds a nice little visual touch to the art style.

The Walking Vegetables seems to have been intended as a couch co-op shooter game in the same vein as Zombies Ate my Neighbors, a…

[Review] Trouserheart - Nintendo Switch

We have seen a lot of indie games utilizing the rogue-like and rogue-lite formulas to help flesh out their game worlds and improve replayability for a while now. It's pretty high up there with metroidvania at this point for percentage of overall games released, and it's gets a little tiresome at times when games just feel like another recycled idea. However, even amidst a slew of similar games, you do happen to find the gems that trickle out when building upon a basic template- particularly when those gems figure out a novel way to overcome some of the shortcomings, and then improve upon the feel in the process. Enter Trouserheart.

You see, Trouserheart takes the old school absurdity of classic video game nonsense plot lines (a sleeping king has his pants go missing in his sleep), and combines it with a tweaked rogue-lite system and familiar level design to bring us a fun, light-hearted romp with simple controls, catchy music, and unexpected twists. As I mentioned above, your…

[Review] Battle Group 2 - Nintendo Switch

Every so often you run across a game unlike anything that you've ever played before. As a result, you aren't always quite sure what to think of that, and I'm still trying to scratch my noggin through this one for Battle Group 2.

While it bills itself as an arcade, action, strategy title, I'm not really picking up on the action or strategy portion of this game. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game...but I think that it is best described as an arcade on-rails shmup. Where most shoot 'em ups have you flying through space, usually back forth, left and right, up and down, and occasionally some dodging and rolling to weave in and out of enemy flight and attack patterns while ground units hurl projectiles at you, Battle Group 2 puts you in the position of turret gunner on a naval ship while the computer propels you forward. As enemies fly on screen and into your sights, you swing a cursor around screen and fire at them to destroy them before they plink away at your…

[Review] Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition - Nintendo Switch

Way back in the long ago of March of this year, it was revealed in a Nindies Showcase that Undertale was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch would be supporting the game maker engine. The first game I thought of when learning this information was Hyper Light Drifter. I knew that the game would be perfect for the Switch's hybrid nature, since it's nice to recline on the couch and hack n' slash your way through the world, but 2d games just seem so much better suited to the handheld experience. Not only that, but Hyper Light Drifter is among the best known and well-received game maker games, so it seemed only natural that Heart Machine would want to bring Hyper Light Drifter to Nintendo's runaway hit console as soon as they possibly could. Fast forward to September, and us Nintendo Switch owners get not only Hyper Light Drifter, but a few exclusive bits of gear and a new mode!

To get the exclusives out of the way fi…

Ms. Splosion Man (Switch) Ramblin' Review

The Nintendo Switch has gotten it's fair share of games originally published on the Xbox Live Arcade, and Ms. Splosion Man brought all of it's absurdity to the party. As some of my more astute readers may have noticed, I went back to the ol' Ramblin' Review subtitle for this one, and with good reason. As with many of my other reviews, this will begin with a bit of a story. 
When I finally bought a secondhand XBox360 in October of 2009, auspiciously to play Mass Effect and its (then) upcoming sequel, I realized shortly thereafter that many of the AAA games available at the time were generally just too much time investment for games that weren't wholly unique or didn't contain a gripping story with a lot of deep character interaction. There seemed to have been much more emphasis on making games that looked good and created an easy transition to the online multiplayer that the developers were really trying to sell because of the greater potential to make money on…

[Review] SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Nintendo Switch

Of all the venerable video game developers out there, SNK is probably the company whose earlier legacy is largely forgotten. Most often associated with The Neo-Geo line of consoles and their amazing lineup of 2d fighting games, it is nice to see a collection of the early years when SNK was primarily focused on making quality arcade titles covering a larger variety of genres. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection starts off with thirteen titles, but closer to twenty games since it not only includes the arcade version of the games, but the console versions as well.

The initial lineup includes Alpha Mission, Athena, Crystalis, Ikari Warriors, Ikari III: The Rescue, Victory Road, Guerilla War, P.O.W., Prehistoric Isle, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart, Vanguard, and TNK-III (the console version is Iron Tank). I mention off the bat that this will be the initial lineup because there will eventually be eleven more games released as DLC on December 11. Nine of those will be included in a patch, and…