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Has Been Heroes (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

For those wanting to read the review, skip down a few paragraphs.

Today was the first day in a long while in which I had actually planned out what I was going to do for myself. As a result, it turned into a complete disaster.
First, I set an alarm for myself to be up at 10:30, so that I could get a few hours sleep after my night shift. Then, I would go to Gamestop to pick up Has- Been Heroes, come home, play game, write review, lay back down for a nap, get up for dinner with family, get ready for work, go to work.
What actually happened? I started power snoozing my alarm since my body wasn't accepting four hours of sleep very well. I finally roll out of bed almost an hour later. That's not too bad, still have a bit of time to take care of everything before the family gets home. Grabbed a quick snack, hopped in the truck, stopped and got coffee at a local gas station(it works in a pinch). I got on the freeway, got off at my exit...and then my truck stopped wanting to go into g…

Nintendo Switch - First Impressions, part 1

I got my Nintendo Switch day one.
After following rumors for nearly two years, and obsessing over every little detail and speculation(to the point where I scored a guest spot on my favorite Nintendo-themed podcast concerning exactly that!!), Nintendo finally gave us a taste of what we could expect this past October.

After that little tease, they finally gave us more information. Through a disastrous live presentation highlighting what exactly the system was, and it's capabilities, I was hooked. Not because of the presentation, obviously, but because getting to see the system in action and the subsequently released trailers for confirmed games.

I immediately jumped on to Amazon to place my pre-order, clicking refresh like it was giving me money for every click. It finally opened up, and I was probably one of the first people to get it into my cart. At least, that is how it felt.  I was like an excited kid finally getting that shiny new bike that they had been pining over for month…


This is just a little introductory post. I've been blogging on and off for the last 20 years, and finally decided to follow through on my promise to myself to get a blog going dealing with my current obsession of collecting/playing/selling/trading/hunting video games.
This blog will have musings, stories, reviews, impressions, and possibly videos in the future.
I'll mainly focus on retro games and consoles, but am a huge fan of handhelds and indie games, so expect to hear most about those.