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Review - iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger

The iMuto 20000mAh Portable charger is a well-known built and quality feeling product. It is much heavier than I expected, but isn't much bigger than an iPhone 5.  It comes with a carry pouch with drawstring, micro USB charging cable, and the unit itself. There are two charge ports with an output of 1 amps and 2.1 amps, denoted on the top with one lightning bolt and 2 lightning bolts. The 1 amp port is sufficient for charging your devices while they're not in use, but it is a very slow drip and takes a while. Where it shines, however, is in the 2.1 amp port. I was able to hook it up to my switch with the pro controller's included USB-C cable, and charge the device while playing.  I started off with a 90% charged switch, and over the first thirty minutes of play, the charging bank more or less just slowed down the battery drain on the device. Afterwards, it began to charge it up beautifully.  I set my brightness to high with wifi on, and after 1.5 hours of play, my Nintend…

Super Mario 3D Land - (3ds) Archive Review

With each of the last five generations, Nintendo has introduced new and innovative features to the world of gaming. While they had failures(Virtual Boy, I’m looking at you), some rocky starts(N64’s odd controller introducing the analog stick and heavy battery packs for the “rumble” sensation we have come to expect from all video game consoles), and some runaway hits- Wii’s motion controls, and the original DS’s integrated touch screen and secondary screen. With this generation of handhelds they introduced stereoscopic 3D that didn’t require glasses, and the option to adjust the intensity(or just plain turn it off). Along with all of these innovations, Nintendo has always ensured a way to endear the public to their new features by programming a game that utilizes these new features in an innovative way. Super Mario 3D Land is that game. While nearly all of Nintendo’s first party games on their highly successful 3DS platform utilize the 3D effect for cool visual tricks and a slight sense…

Review - DOUBI 12 in 1 Protection Kit for the Nintendo Switch

After having toyed around with my protection kit for nearly a week, now, I thought that it was time to write up a proper review. Full disclosure here. This is the first product that I received free from the company in exchange for a review. That won't influence my review of the product, but I will emphasize now that my impressions and preferences are uniquely my own, and everyone's mileage may vary.  So, what is it? Well, it's brightly colored silicon sleeves that fit onto the switch, in addition to various options for thumbstick grips. I've included plenty of pictures to help everyone gauge the fit and look.  You'll notice from the first picture, which shows MOST of the product itself, that there are eleven pieces- a silicone sleeve for each of the joycon and the console, and eight thumbstick grips. So, what's the twelfth piece? A small microfiber cleaning cloth that I didn't bother to include in the many pictures that I took because I just kind of tossed …

A Rose in the Twilight (Vita) - Ramblin' Review

When I first dove into A Rose in the Twilight, I was immediately taken back by the art style. It is simple, clean, but absolutely gorgeous. Much like Limbo before it, we have a puzzle platformer that uses a limited color palette to express it's gloomy and oppressive world. While Limbo stuck with black, white, and various shades of gray, A Rose in the Twilight adds in sepia and vibrant red to make itself immediately stand out from it's quite similar western counterpart. However, it is not merely the art style and color choices that bring this world to life, it is the music. Beautiful compositions that alternate and blend Victorian era classical sonatas alongside ambient electronica.
Fortunately for us, though, this game isn't just about creating an oppressive atmosphere and presenting us with beautiful visuals, it also comes through with providing a varied and satisfying gameplay experience that should please genre die-hards, but without being too frustrating for newcomers…

Nintendo Switch - First Impressions, part 2

(Click Here if you Haven't Read Part One Yet) So, I finished my shift at work and went home, going to sleep earlier than usual with my alarm set for 11:30 AM later that day.  Even with my excitement over the pending arrival of the Switch, I managed to snooze through my alarm for a good half-hour. 
I picked up my phone to turn off the last alarm, and squinted through reading my emails looking for a delivery confirmation.  I didn't find one, and so I actually called out to my kids to ask if it had come yet. A disappointed "No" was quickly followed up by a recounting of the morning's events and whether or not I needed my middle to bring me coffee. Of course I needed coffee. 
It wasn't an hour before the Switch was dropped on the front porch, and I had not even noticed. The mail lady pulled up to deliver the mail(the Switch having come via UPS), and I got a notification email that the package had been delivered! I sent my eldest out to get the mail(which containe…