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Pokemon X/Y - (3ds) Archive Review

Pokemon X/Y for the Nintendo 3DS is the first fully 3D main-series Pokemon game, and it is a testament to what has made the franchise one of the most successful and enduring. It lives up to the hype, and excels in nearly every way.
Story Right off the bat, we’re going to talk about what might be the most questionable part of the game. Your adventure begins much like every other Pokemon game- you are the new kid selected by the region’s local Pokemon professor to receive a Pokemon and go on a journey across the region to be the best trainer you can be while collecting data for further research. This game adds an interesting twist on the standard “you get one starter, and your rival gets the starter yours is weak against” opening, as instead of being a straight-out rival, it is more like you are expected to be second best the entire time, and you are in a friendly competition with the prodigy. There are also a few other children selected in your group, and each individual child wants to d…