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Review - Nintendo Switch Carrying Case by DOUBI

The Nintendo Switch Carrying Case by DOUBI is a great means of bringing your Switch with you when you need some heavy duty protection. The outer shell is waterproof, and feels very sturdy.
There is a handy shoulder strap that allows you to carry the case at about hip height as you walk.
The inside is well padded, and the storage spot for the console itself is cut out of a thick chunk of rubber.

There is also a cut-out for the joycon grip (pictured above), so that you can bring it along as well. I haven't quite figured out what the square cutout to the right is for, but you can use it to store other various accessories. Maybe a smaller charge bank, or just store any cords you want in here.
I usually just toss the included Switch bag in there when I'm not using it.

Pictured here is the Switch itself in the included bag. It is a very sheer piece of fabric, more there to possibly protect it from being scratched by the nylon above and the joycon grip below.
It is a very snug fit i…

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer - (iOS, Android) Archive Review

After having played many Collectible/Customizable/Trading card games over the last twenty years, I knew that when I got my new iPhone that i was going to have to find a way to satisfy my craving for competitive card battles on the go. I searched the store in hopes of finding Magic: The gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers, but was disappointed to find out that it was only available for iPads. Having played Shadow Era and a few other non-memorable fantasy card games on the Android, I decided that I wanted to try something new. That drive for something new led me to Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, which is coincidentally designed by former Magic: The Gathering pro tour players Justin Gary, Bryan Kibler, John Fiorillo, and Rob Dougherty. It is a deckbuilding game wherein each player starts off with the same deck of 10 cards that consist of 8 Apprentice cards(that provide 1 Rune -the main resource of the game), and 2 Militia cards(providing Power- the resource used to defeat monster…

Claymates - (SNES) Archive Review

Claymates is a charming, visually fun, but relatively mediocre platformer released in the 16 bit era “cartoon mascot” wars era. Interplay’s creation of this game followed in the footsteps of two early nineties’ crazes, in fact, by stylizing the world and characters of the game with claymation. We start our game off by finding out that Clayton’s(our protagonist) Father(a scientist), has developed a formula that turns clay into animals. A random witch doctor appears, demanding the formula. Upon Clayton the Sr.’s refusal, the witch doctor turns Clayton in a ball of clay, and thus our journey begins. We start off in Clayton’s yard, a rolling ball of clay that can punch to defend himself. You move relatively slow as the ball of clay, and one hit can kill you. When you are traversing the levels, you get random bits of gray formula that change you into different animals to help you overcome obstacles in the game. Your Claymates include a rat that runs fast a la Sonic and bites enemies, a cat th…