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31 days of Halloween!

Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to dedicate myself to bringing you all a scary game review every day throughout the month of October to help celebrate my favorite holiday.
I'll be setting up a page to make the celebration a little easier to navigate. That way if you miss a day or two(which I hope you won't), you can more easily go back and catch up on anything you may have missed. It's going to be a busy month, and I'm hoping to shine some light on some of the more overlooked horror games.  To make this event as interesting as possible, I'm going to be playing a little loose with the term "scary game". So, this won't just be a string of survival horror games. Any game that I feel has a sizable amount of horror elements can be included.  Hope to see you back tomorrow, and if you stick around to the end, there may just we'll be a treat for you in the end.  If you know anyone else that loves scary games, let them know. 
31 Days of Halloween
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Memories - Gameboy color + Pokemon Silver

Upon Nintendo announcing that they would be releasing Pokemon Gold and Silver on the 3ds eShop with online functionality added, I got very nostalgiac for my high school years.
I remember the day that Pokemon Silver released, my dad took my good friend and I to the local Meijer to buy a new Gameboy color and the latest entry in our beloved Pokemon series.
I chose a kiwi green GBC, and my friend bought the Atomic Purple. I grabbed my copy of Pokemon Silver, and he his copy of Pokemon Gold. I thought my color combination looked way cooler, but he insisted that his was the better choice. A silly argument for sure, but I still dislike how the atomic purple console looks, and insist that Silver is the better version because of Lugia.

We spent the next two weeks building up our team and exploiting the glitch that allowed you to clone a Pokemon and the item it held to get multiple master balls, rare candy, protein, and other stat boosting items. We battled a lot, traded pokerus infected '…

Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch)- Ramblin' Review

SteamWorld Dig 2 is the latest entry in indie developer Image & Form Games' Steamworld series, first starting with SteamWorld Tower Defense on the DSi(also available for 3DS as DSiWare).
An alternate future where steam powered robots rule the landscape, and human invaders attempt to steal the resources found within the robot's mines.
This was one of my most anticipated games for the Switch releasing this year, and Image & Form were gracious enough to send me a code for review.

SteamWorld Dig finds Rusty, working his way through a mine in Tumbleton deeded to him by his late uncle, Joe. After the events of the first game, Rusty goes missing, and Tumbleton resident Dorothy takes off in hot pursuit.

This is where our game begins, and Dorothy's initial information leads her to El Machino. Right off the bat, I need to make the observation that this game is absolutely gorgeous. Both docked and handheld, the vibrant colors and superb character design give a lot of life an…

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch) - First Impressions

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an interesting look into what third parties can do with Nintendo IP, and what we should be hoping for in terms of third party support for the Switch itself. It is a loving creation by a man that we all saw break down in tears at E3 when Shigeru Miyamato came out on stage to help introduce his baby to the world, officially.

We got a video showcasing gameplay and got a little bit of information from the developers about how this would be a new Mario experience, and that it would be a turn based strategy game with some light RPG elements.

It is that, and it brings a level of charm to the genre heretofore unseen. The game opens with a cute, but ridiculous story to explain the strange crossover, but boasts some of the best animation I have seen in a video game.
The rabbids, which mostly express themselves through grunts and giggles, find a kindred spirit in Mario's all too familiar yips of glee. They also find a strong leader to embark on a journey to…