Memories - Gameboy color + Pokemon Silver

Upon Nintendo announcing that they would be releasing Pokemon Gold and Silver on the 3ds eShop with online functionality added, I got very nostalgiac for my high school years.
I remember the day that Pokemon Silver released, my dad took my good friend and I to the local Meijer to buy a new Gameboy color and the latest entry in our beloved Pokemon series.
I chose a kiwi green GBC, and my friend bought the Atomic Purple. I grabbed my copy of Pokemon Silver, and he his copy of Pokemon Gold. I thought my color combination looked way cooler, but he insisted that his was the better choice. A silly argument for sure, but I still dislike how the atomic purple console looks, and insist that Silver is the better version because of Lugia.

We spent the next two weeks building up our team and exploiting the glitch that allowed you to clone a Pokemon and the item it held to get multiple master balls, rare candy, protein, and other stat boosting items. We battled a lot, traded pokerus infected 'mons, and I rubbed it in his face that I was the first to catch a shiny (Larvitar) pokemon.

We had a lot of fun, and I hope to relive that small patch of my adolescence now that I can explore the regions of Kanto and Johto all over again.
Which was your favorite?

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