Devilish (Game Gear) - Ramblin' Review

Devilish is an interesting twist on the classic breakout formula. Instead of just bouncing a ball off of a paddle to break blocks by hitting them in succession, but you also progress through each level on rails, defeating enemies as you go.
There are even a few pinball mechanics to help keep the experience fresh and original, such as holes and saucers.
There is even an occasional boss fight, usually activated by scoring a certain amount before a specific section of the level or breaking the appropriate boxes before the level progresses on it's own. Bosses are fought like the other blocks and enemies placed throughout the level, which is by bouncing the ball off of it. There's no health bar, so projectiles fired by the bosses merely act as distractions, as you can only fail by allowing the ball to drop off the bottom of the screen.

To assist you in keeping the ball in play, there are various configurations of the three paddles that you may switch through using the "1" button. There is a more traditional mode where you have two paddles parallel to each other, an L shape, a backwards L shape, and a triangle configuration. In each mode, you can independently move the top paddle left, right, up, and down, while the lower paddle(s) remain fixed moving left and right.

The game was also released on the Mega Drive, and eventually got a sequel in Japan for the Nintendo DS. It's a shame that we never managed to receive the sequel, but I'd love to see this interesting and unique game get a modern day revival.


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