Green Game: Timeswapper (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

Green Game: Timeswapper is the sequel to the cleverly titled Red Game Without a Great Name. Each are arcade puzzlers in which you must help guide an innocent clockwork bird through a menacingly monochromatic machine of malfeasance. 
Set in a steampunk world with engaging music and minimalist aesthetic, your goal, and controls, are just as simple.

In Green Game: Timeswapper, you have a bird a mechanical bird running on autopilot, and you must help it avoid the various obstacles in it's way, along with collecting gears. To do this, you swipe the screen(yes, this is a handheld only game). Swiping the screen redirects the Jets of steam that push the bird in the appropriate direction, but must be done at the right moment so the bird doesn't fly past and crash. To enter a level, you must double tap the number on any given cog.  It took me a frustration five minutes to figure that out, and I am equal parts amused and disappointed in myself for that. 

The game is gorgeous, and I wish that I had brought more screenshots along, but I really feel like it is better to experience for yourself. The jazzy soundtrack reminds me of hoppy ragtime numbers, and do well by the game's setting.

While the game has also seen a steam release with full controller support, the Switch version is handheld mode only, at this time. I have reached out to my contact at ifun4all to inquire about docked mode being added in the future.
As is, however, Green Game: Timeswapper is a fun and addictive addition to your Switch library. It's a nicely priced budget title($2.99), and a no-brainer if you're a fan of puzzle games with simple controls. 



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