I and Me (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

I and Me is a cute little puzzle game that puts you in charge of two fuzzy cats that move simultaneously. You must navigate them through a serene country meadow, with the objective being to line the kittens up with picture frames that are placed in different areas at the same time.

The concept is a simple one, and the game starts off as such. We start off with the best kind of tutorial- we have a few successive levels of slightly increasing difficulty that require us to learn the basic methods of solving the game's puzzles without taking paragraphs of text to lay it out for us. We are presented with the picture frames, and left to our own devices as to how to get our kittens to line up with them.

Just when you start to get into a rhythm solving the environmental puzzles, the game throws us a twist by introducing other animals that work as moving obstacles, thereby adding another subtle increase in difficulty. These little twists are what keep the puzzles feeling fresh. Although there isn't the biggest variety in puzzles and their solutions, they do change things up just when you're starting to feel comfortable. There are also four chapters each in the four seasons, which brings us 92 levels to play through, so plenty of content.

While the Switch is quickly acquiring more and more puzzle games with what seems like every new batch of eShop games, I and Me is definitely one of the most adorable. It also has a great method of teaching us how to play, and the puzzles are satisfying. Great for fans of puzzle games, old and young alike.


I and Me on eShop
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