November Plans

Whew! October, as you can imagine, ended up being a very exhausting month for me. I played and reviewed 35 games when all was said and done.
It was a great learning experience, and an excellent motivator. When I picked a theme and pledged to get out a horror-themed game a day, every day, in October, I didn't imagine that I would end up writing extras! So, after finally getting in the groove of writing every day, I now have this feeling of duty to stay in contact with all of my new readers!
Welcome to the party, everyone.

For the month of November, I'm going to be primarily focusing on reviewing eShop games for the Switch, as a means of starting off my Holiday Buyer's Guide for all of the launch adopters and newcomers that will be wrapping a Switch, or just opening one to help compile your wish lists.

I'll soon be posting a Holiday Buyer's Guide that will list and provide links to any Switch games that I have already reviewed, as well as provide a link back to my first impressions post that really got me started on here.

In the meantime, go check out the page for Ender Spire Heresy on Steam, a new indie dungeon crawler that is a great throwback to old school pioneers of the genre.

I'll be providing a review for that tomorrow afternoon, when it releases, but for now it's worth checking out and adding to your wishlist.



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