Super Mario Odyssey - First Impressions

This post is coming a bit later than I initially intended, but that's because it's been a hectic week. Emergency room trips for the youngest kiddo (nothing serious - just some stitches), the first snowfall in my area, and lots of work.

So, just like my Switch First Impressions, I'll be taking this not just from my perspective, but from my whole family.

So, after my wife picked the game up from GameStop on her way home from school with the girls, she brought it inside, and I opened it to pleas from my eldest to allow her to taste the cartridge. After telling her no, we proceeded to ignore the game for the next couple of hours amidst chores, dinner, and family movie night.
My wife took the initiative to pop the game in for the first time about a half hour before I had to get ready for work. She was immediately hooked, and just sat there on the couch playing the game while the girls got ready for bed. After telling us how fun the game was a couple of times, I hopped on the shower to get ready, and accepted the fact that I would have to wait until at least tomorrow to play the game, since my wife was enthralled, and there was no way that I was going to pry my electronic love away from my primary biological love.
So, I get out of the shower, and after about an hour of play, my wife insists that I take the switch to work with me, so that she "can get some sleep".  This is a huge testament to how fun this game really is, as my wife hasn't really sat down and played any new game for longer than a twenty minute stretch in the last seven years (and that was Fable 3).
So, despite insisting that she keep the console and enjoy herself, I packed up the Switch and headed to work. Despite having about two hours on break that night in which to play, I only played for about a half hour (I think that I made it to the Sand Kingdom that night). I didn't really get to play it much over the next couple of days, but my eldest did.
She, became instantly obsessed. She kept going out of her way to do extra chores to play the "Mario possession game", and kept telling me about the cool things that she was able to do in the game. She played so much, that when I last watched her playing, she was already at the boss battle with Bowser, and I stopped watching so as not to spoil any more of the game for myself.
My wife had been playing the game sporadically throughout the last week, as well, and isn't far behind my eldest daughter progress wise. Many of those sessions were spent with our youngest daughter controlling Cappy to assist and learn a bit about the game.
Meanwhile, I am still relatively close to the beginning of the game, but I am enjoying immensely more than any of the other 3d Mario's released between 64 and now.
Earlier today, I turned on assist mode for my youngest, who was able to better understand what she was supposed to be doing and finally made it out of the opening area without help for the first time. So, much like the inclusion of assist mode on Mario Kart 8 DX, Nintendo has yet again included a helpful mode that brings the whole family on board with their games to create a fun experience that everybody can enjoy.
My middle also finally got to play, and she is relatively unimpressed, but she much prefers co-op games, and I imagine that she will find more enjoyment from the game by playing as Cappy with another family member than playing as Mario. 
As far as the game itself, it's amazing. Great level design, beautiful graphics with a bright and vivid world.
The game runs smoothly on and off the dock, but I haven't actually played it on any other mode than handheld.

I'll be back with a full review for my Switch Holiday Buyer's Guide - 2017.

Stay tuned.


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