One More Dungeon (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

One More Dungeon is a pixelated throwback to the good ol' dungeon crawlin' days of yore. We play from a first person perspective as we make our way through the pseudo-3D, procedurally generated labyrinths.

One More Dungeon is a roguelike that allows you to purchase upgrades to be used on subsequent play-throughs.
All of the usual trappings are here- different weapons and staffs(that have their own associated elemental magic), potions, and other items that can be hot keyed for future use.

Navigation is done with the left stick, while the right stick shifts the camera. L uses your staff to sling magic projectiles, and R swings your melee weapon. The directional buttons are your hot keys, and plus pauses the game and brings up the menu. Y button pulls up the map, X pulls up your inventory.

You use magic crystals to use your magic projectiles, and these can only be recovered by finding them lying around the level. One of the above mentioned upgrades is the ability to start off the game with extra crystals for your spells. You are also able to have an extended life bar, and the option to start with a set of potions instead of just one.

The randomized levels and gear keep the game interesting, which is a strength when it is so difficult to progress. You have a very limited attack range (basically the square directly in front of you), and your magic projectiles don't work immediately (the first button press seems to be a "readying" action), and they are of limited use. Much of the game is acquainting yourself with the controls and patterns taken by the various enemies that you will encounter.

Buying upgrades can make the game more easily managed in the beginning, but are actually more challenging as the game goes on. This is a nice balance for both casual and hardcore gamers. Trying and failing is a much better learning experience when it also comes with the added benefit of contributing to a future upgrade that could improve your chances of progressing more easily next time.

As the title implies, One More Dungeon is a very addictive game. When I first started playing the game, I was rather unimpressed, and a little surprised when I first died, as I was still figuring out the controls. However, I kept playing, and honed my skills. As I got better, the game became more manageable, and it soon started eating into my sleeping time for pushing me to make another attempt at getting past this level, and then another.

Another fun game from Ratalaika, and I recommend it to all fans of dungeon crawling.


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