Plantera Deluxe (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

Plantera Deluxe is a cute little clicker garden builder game. It is laughably described as being a relaxing game to chill out with. While it is an incredibly adorable affair, and the idea of planting your garden calls to mind serenity, the intense action that happens as a result does not put you in a relaxed state.

You plant your garden from a list of produce, and then you can help your little anthropomorphic blobs help harvest when they ripen. This becomes exponentially more important as pests begin to eat your produce if you don't harvest it or whack them. Speaking of which, it's strangely satisfying to hit a fox with your disembodied mallet. 

You'll find yourself rapidly tapping the screen to keep up with it all, and every fruit harvested gains you money that can be used to expand your garden and buy new plants to cultivate as you go.

While the game doesn't offer the depth of farming simulation that other games will bring, it's still a lot of mindless fun and very addictive. All in all, it's another great budget title to add to your library, and fills the role of time waster quite nicely when you don't want to have to pay too close of attention to your gameplay.


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