The Sexy Brutale (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

The Sexy Brutale is an interesting blend of genres, and it's making it's way to the Nintendo Switch eShop later today. A combination stealth and point and click adventure game with some action puzzle elements. The Sexy Brutale takes these components and makes them mesh like clockwork.

At it's heart, The Sexy Brutale is a murder mystery. Set in a lavish casino resort where the main protagonist gains a limited mastery of time, you use this and other abilities gained throughout the game to observe, then use this information after going back in time and prevent the deaths of each guest invited to The Sexy Brutale. You gain this ability by being touched on your mask by a mysterious, bloody figure.
A number of guests have been invited to the Sexy Brutale as special guests of the owner for a very exclusive party. Everyone is assigned a mask, including the staff. The staff is summarily going through the resort and eliminating the guests one by one, seemingly directed by the whims of their mask.

You start off witnessing the murder of the owner's beloved clock-maker, and must utilize a slight rewind in time to prevent his death. The solution is fairly easy to surmise, and acts as a great introduction to what you will need to do for the rest of the game. As you progress, each murder will become more difficult to prevent, but you will have more skills at your disposal in which to enable you to disseminate the clues and information necessary to solve them. For example, when you prevent the death of the clock maker, he will fix the previously broken pocket watch, and this gives you the ability to sync up with the clocks in the casino. These will act as portals to a specific time, and allow you to save your progress.

Your main source of information gathering is to investigate your surroundings, and to peak through keyholes in doors to see what kind of action is taking place on the other side. While you can enter rooms that are occupied by others, doing so will cause their mask to leave their head and float towards you. Once they latch on, you will slowly lose health until you escape to a different room, or are dead. So, you will look for clues in other rooms, and listen for them, as well. There are hiding spots that can be used to more easily overhear conversations, but I still find that it's safest to just hang back and stay safe.

You can collect cards as you go, and there are usable items to be collected when the game calls for it. Overall, though, The Sexy Brutale is primarily a point and click adventure game with an interesting story that presents you with some things to ponder early on. Most notably- why is everyone being killed, and is it the staff acting of their own accord, or by command of the Sexy Brutale's owner?  Does the command, if any, come from elsewhere? Will the dev patch the game to have shorter load times soon? You'll have to tune in to find out.


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