Sparkle Unleashed (Switch) - Ramblin' Review

Sparkle Unleashed is the follow up to 10tons' Sparkle 2. They're both match three marble-shooter puzzle games that rely on working your way through a map, earning experience as you go to be used to acquire power-ups that enhance your gaming experience.

While Sparkle 2 follows the Zuma formula a little more closely by placing the marble shooter on a round pivot in the middle of the screen, Sparkle Unleashed switches things up by placing the marble shooter on a track that moves left and right across the bottom of the screen and always faces up.

This leads to more challenging gameplay, in my opinion, and so is for those times when you want a bit more depth and variety to your puzzle gaming experience.

Sparkle Unleashed uses many of the same assets as Sparkle 2, but provides a few more whimsical tracks to groove to while you're playing. Unfortunately, these tracks still don't seem long enough, and repeat frequently, which can be a little bothersome during extended play sessions. This again emphasizes that the Sparkle games are best enjoyed in small doses, which is hard when the gameplay itself is so addicting.

Despite it's familiar feel and close release date to Sparkle 2, I would still recommended this fun game for all of the hardcore puzzle gamers out there.


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