Lone Wolf and Project Aon.

In preparation for tomorrow's release of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf on Nintendo Switch, I wanted to take a brief trip down memory lane that I will expand on a little more in my review for the game, and in an upcoming video on my pending YouTube channel.

I had previously mentioned that I grew up balking at RPGs as my cousin played them, and he eventually convinced me to at least try playing one before I continued to bash on him for them. After I did play FInal Fantasy 6 (which we all knew as "3" back then), I was hooked, and I started asking him about more roleplaying experiences. He told me that he thought that I would enjoy reading the Lone Wolf series, which was a series of choose your own adventure books that let you roll up a fantasy character with his own inventory and equipment! He was right. I was hooked from the character creation section alone.

Now, I had read and played through all of the books that I could get my hands on through my local library at the time, and all I could do was wish that there were more.

Fast forward about 12-13 years, and I have kids of my own. None of them were old enough at this point to enjoy these books, but I had recently been reminded of them through a random internet article, and so I looked them up using my Google Fu. I came across something very interesting- Joe Dever, with permission from the original artists of the books' illustrations, compiled a website that archived all of the Lone Wolf series and it's supplemental materials on one webpage. This made the books widely available, to everyone, for free!

So, go check out Project Aon, and browse around, play through some of the stories. Enjoy yourselves! There's even Homebrew rooms for the DS so that you can play the books on the go!

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf on Amazon


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