Weekly Update - External Reviews

Over the last week, I've been focusing on creating content outside of my own blog. Rather than making a new blog post providing a link to each and every one of those reviews, I've instead decided to begin doing a weekly round- up and putting links to all of these reviews in one spot.

As I have been saying since November, I am still planning on getting a YouTube up and running. There is no content, yet, but here is the link.
Soda's Fountain Arcade on YouTube.

I'll soon be migrating the site from blogger elsewhere, and will be changing the layout and I am getting some help with art. I'm hoping to avoid some occasional issues with links, and also making a variety of pages to more easily access different past articles.

I have some projects in the works with other indie content contractors. More on those as they develop.

I have a few upcoming reviews that will appear here, and will probably be republishing reviews from other sites here to add to the archives.

Without further ado, here are links to the reviews i have written over the last week or so.

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Review for Miketendo 64

Mercenary Kings Review for The Switch Effect
The Longest Five Minutes review for The Switch Effect
Xeodrifter review for The Switch Effect


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