Nintendo Direct 03.08.18 and the debut of my YouTube channel!

So, I had originally planned on debuting my YouTube channel on the sitess first year anniversary (coming up this month on the 17th), but the Nintendo Direct just contained too much to talk about, and so I got a quick take video on my thoughts concerning the 3DS, and a longer video covering all of the Nintendo Switch announcements. Strike while the iron is hot, they say.  So, below is a link to my channel. Make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications, and share it with your friends if you enjoy.

Soda's Fountain Arcade YouTube!

I apologize for the low quality of the first video especially, but I took it on my phone while on break at work, so I had low light conditions and not much time.
Further content will be of considerably better quality once I work out camera placement and figure out how to reduce the glare on my glasses.


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