[Review] Midnight Deluxe - Nintendo Switch

Midnight Deluxe is a golf like puzzle game ported over to the Nintendo Switch by Ratalaika Games. As some of my more observant readers will notice, it shares an art style and making convention with 36 Fragments of Midnight, and with good reason, as it is also developed by Petite Games. Now, the Deluxe in the name doesn't just mean that this is a port of Midnight, which debuted on Steam a fee years ago, but is also an enhanced port of both Midnight and it's sequel, Midnight 2. It incorporates the improved graphics found in the aforementioned 36 Fragments of Midnight, plus adds controller and touchscreen controls along with 14 additional levels as found in the previous two releases.

When all is said, there are 70 levels to complete, which is far more content than 36 Fragments of Midnight's one randomly generated level, and each of the 28 levels found in the previous two titles. So, are those 70 levels worth it for your couple of bucks?

The short answer is yes. The physics engine that allows you to bank shot your adorable cube around a dark world of endless night is finely tuned, and puzzle fans will find a lot to love. There are a lot of tricky shots to be made, and some interesting angles to shoot around to get your cube to the goal.
You'll find some obstacles to get in your way, and a few squishy ball monsters to push around to block otherwise inconquerable pits. While there is no move limit to achieve your goal, there is a three star reward system that challenges you to overcome the environmental puzzles in the shortest amount of moved possible.

The controls are accurate, but the roll distances can take a little getting used to. Once you've begun to familiarize yourself with everything, the landscape becomes more problematic to navgligate through, but it comes at a satisfying increase in difficulty feels just right.

Couple all of this with the soothing and atmospheric piano soundtrack, and you have the makings of a deep and satisfying puzzle experience that works great in both short bursts and long marathons. While there are a lot of great puzzlers to be found on the Switch, Midnight Deluxe might offer one of the better bangs for your buck, even if it is a simple concept.


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