[Review} Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition - Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has obviously become the go to console for cooperative and competitive multiplayer games, and we have yet another amazing cooperative puzzle platformer to yell at our friends about in Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition. Don't have any friends? Not to worry, the game is just as satisfying to play solo!

In Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition, you'll be controlling a pair of robots, as the title implies, and their names are Watt and Volt. You are two forgotten robots in an abandoned factory, and to prove your worthiness, must undergo a series of trials to avoid the scrap heap. Its a pretty flimsy premise, but it is a puzzle platformer, and so the story isn't really all that important. Each level begins with one robot trapped behind a door, and the free robot must make their way through the course to a button that frees the other one. You can then switch between the two. Each robot has their own energy bars that they expend as they make their way through each trial, and this can be shared between them as necessary with the push of a button. Unlocking the door that contains the captive robot also unlocks energy tiles that appear on the floor which recharge this energy, which becomes very helpful in a pinch.

Much of the challenge for the game comes from the need to keep up both of your energy reserved, and that you must keep both robots alive as you run the course. It makes for some interesting situations when you are trying to get some of the more dangerously placed collectibles, and this usually involves joyous and angry shouts alike as one player tries to help guide the other in multiplayer.  Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition reminds me a bit of Shiftlings: Enhanced Edition, although I found myself enjoying the former a bit more than the latter in both solo and co-op. Shiftlings did seem to appeal more to my children and their friends, though. It has the leg up with it's colorful presentation and use of humor and amazing voice acting.

Overall, Twin Robots offers a lot of bang for your buck at the price point, and is a great addition to your library, especially if you need some local co-op action.


Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition on eShop


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