[Review] World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom (Nintendo Switch)

World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom for Nintendo Switch is the first English language entry in a popular Japanese series that has found some success on mobile platforms. It is an RPG/Life Simulation game that gives you a lot of opportunities to love out multiple generations of your family's life in ways such as adventuring with other NPCs, building friendships, marriages, having children, performing chores, and getting a job.

Unfortunately, none of these experiences are really given too much meaning or direction. While there have been many other life sims in the past that find a way to make doing chores and socializing with other townspeople enjoyable, World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom doesn't really follow through with it's promise. While it is ambitious in everything that it has to offer, nothing is fully fleshed out, and it suffers greatly from that.

Dialog options are extremely limited, and while combat is at least passable when venturing out into the world and through dungeons, it is rather infrequent and very uninteresting. There is no real motivation to make friends as they seldom provide little substance to the game other than a handful of quests that have you collecting specific herbs or catching certain amoints of fish. Getting married and having children is the only real necessary portion of the journey, but only so that it provides you the opportunity to continue playing the game. However, when the only reason to keep going is to continue performing the same menial tasks over and over, it falls flat and loses its appeal very early on.

You can get a job to make money, but again, we find ourselves with very little reason to have that money to spend on anything when it just enables us to buy materials and items that let us catch rarer fish and ontain different crafting materials.

While the game totes itself as feeling like you're immersing yourself in an MMORPG, it really doesn't deliver on that. I think that if the game were a true MMO and you got to play with different people around the world, it actually might make an interesting and engaging game. As it stands now, though, it is nowhere near the $30 asking price, and I wouldn't recommend it.



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