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[First Impressions] Earthlock - Nintendo Switch

This has actually been a long time coming. I first received my code for Earthlock a few days before release, and I immediately jumped right into it. Then I got buried under a ton of other codes for my site and others, particularly those that commanded all of my time and were on much tighter deadlines. I spent most of March and April beginning work on my YouTube channel and establishing myself as a freelance writer for a couple of new sites, and I wanted to show that I could play some games and get content out there in a timely manner. I've since spent a couple of play sessions pecking away at Earthlock, and really wanted to experience everything that it had to offer before diving deep into it. I have an upcoming video for my channel where I will briefly discuss the fascinating history behind this game and expand a little bit about what I've experienced so far.

Needless to say, Earthlock started off as a Kickstarter project that sought to capture the magic of PlayStation era 3d…

[Review] Deep Ones - Nintendo Switch

Deep Ones is a nails hard action platformer by Sometimes You recently released for the Nintendo Switch. It takes the interesting art style decision to be based upon old ZX Spectrum games. 

The basic premise is that you are a deep sea diver whose submarine has been destroyed by a red octopus, and you must make your way through its territory to recover your ship pieces and upgrades to power yourself up to make your going a little easier. The limited color palette against the black backdrop makes for good atmosphere and original graphics for a modern indie offering, but it really makes the game suffer because of the limited range of visibility.  Too often you will fall victim to leaps of faith that result in cheap pit deaths, and it is very difficult to gauge your distance from certain enemies to avoid their expansion or projectiles. Couple this with the muddy response from your inputs, and you find tourself torn between awe over the game making you feel like you're fighting against…

[Review] Devious Dungeon - Nintendo Switch

Devious Dungeon is the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch eShop library from Ratalaika Games. They've been known for their very prolific contributions to the ever-expanding library of quality of indie games for the platform, and Devious Dungeon is a fun 2D, pixel art rogue-like platforming dungeon crawler with light RPG elements.

In Devious Dungeon, you will fight your way through randomly generated levels, smashing stuff for coins, killing monsters for experience and coins, all the while trying to find the key that unlocks the portal to the next dungeon. After collecting enough experience, you will level up, and be given the choice between increasing one of three stats- strength for damage, dexterity for critical hits, and vitality for HP. Every three levels, and in between failures, you'll be given the option to use your coin to buy better weapons, armor, and accessories. Each of these is an incremental improvement over your last piece of gear, and to unlock the next mo…

[Review] The Long Reach - Nintendo Switch

The Long Reach for Nintendo Switch is a 2D, point and click adventure horror game with loads of atmosphere, but some frustrating quirks.

We are introduced into a world where a research project has gone horribly awry, and awaken as an amnesiac guinea pig that quickly discovers the horrors that have commenced while unconscious. This sentence could have been written to introduce a great many number of horror games, but outside of this very familiar premise, The Long Reach strays more towards building an atmosphere of unease and sanity-doubting occurrences than relying on cheap jump scares. There is still blood, bodies, and a homicidal maniac on the run, but The Long Reach leans much more heavily on finding items that you will need to solve the game's puzzles.
To avoid spoilers, I'll only be talking about one of the first pseudo-puzzles that you'll run across, and how the game's quirks play into that.
In your first encounter with the psycopathic maniac, you will need to r…

Weekly Roundup - April 8th, 2018

Time for another weekly round up and update. I've been busy planning new content for the YouTube channel (Soda's Fountain Arcade), including accessory reviews, my thoughts and hopes for Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch, a first impressions vid, and a channel introduction video. I just recorded a guest spot on a podcast, and have joined The Gaming Boulevard to write reviews. 
Lode Runner Legacy at Gaming Boulevard Castle of Heart at The Switch Effect Hollow Metropolis Lux Obscura Tesla vs. Lovecraft

[Review] Hollow - Nintendo Switch

Hollow for Nintendo Switch is first person survival horror title with too much horror in the wrong aspects, and not enough where it counts. While it is understandable that some sacrifices had to be made to make the game playable on the Nintendo Switch's somewhat limited hardware when compared to the PC release, this doesn't go very far when you consider how well companies have done on the Nintendo Switch with more demanding games and richer storylines. This actually ended up being a bit of a painful experience for me because it has been one of my most anticipated games for the platform since it was announced, and I even considered that I might be a little more harsh based on that disappointment, but many of my complaints have been echoed elsewhere.

To start off, Hollow throws us into the world of Shakhter-One, a mining vessel that you're on for forgotten reasons with a protagonist that isn't very relatable. You board the ship and discover that it is apparently abandon…

[Review] Metropolis: Lux Obscura - Nintendo Switch

Metropolis Lux Obscura for Nintendo Switch is a mashup of visual novel style games with an interesting gray scale comic book style reminiscent of Sin City, matched up with a match three puzzle game for combat. It's an interesting idea for a game, and the core game itself is well executed...for the most part.

However, the most interesting content can be found in the gory violence found in the story, and the full-on nudity and other sexual situations on display. The premise is that you are a falsely accused cog in an organized crime family, and you're just getting out of jail for the murder of a man that was sleeping with your ex. Your goal in the game is to track down the real killer, and you take on jobs along the way to earn money and find clues. You reluctantly accept the jobs given to you by the local mob boss, and of course you end up in way over head. This type of gritty story telling full of adult themes is a strong indicator that we are dealing with a new Nintendo when…

[Review] Tesla vs. Lovecraft - Nintendo Switch

Over the last few months, 10tons has made a concerted effort to bring most of their games over to the Nintendo Switch. While not all of their games are for everyone, it is quite the solid mini library of games, and this is no different with their latest release, Tesla vs. Lovecraft for Nintendo Switch.  The only downside to this is that now we have to wait for them to develop a new game before getting to play such well-crafted games that are optimized well for the hardware.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is another intense and extremely fun twin stick shooter from the same developers that brought us Crimsonland, Jydge, and Time Recoil. The premise here is that you play as Nikola Tesla in a battle to the death against H.P. Lovecraft's ancient and powerful old ones and their minions of the Cthulu mythos. Each location you visit will have some relationship to both real life and fictional locations related to each historical figure, and you will make your way across three planes of existence. I…