[First Impressions] Earthlock - Nintendo Switch

This has actually been a long time coming. I first received my code for Earthlock a few days before release, and I immediately jumped right into it. Then I got buried under a ton of other codes for my site and others, particularly those that commanded all of my time and were on much tighter deadlines. I spent most of March and April beginning work on my YouTube channel and establishing myself as a freelance writer for a couple of new sites, and I wanted to show that I could play some games and get content out there in a timely manner. I've since spent a couple of play sessions pecking away at Earthlock, and really wanted to experience everything that it had to offer before diving deep into it. I have an upcoming video for my channel where I will briefly discuss the fascinating history behind this game and expand a little bit about what I've experienced so far.

Needless to say, Earthlock started off as a Kickstarter project that sought to capture the magic of PlayStation era 3d RPGs. It does this by focusing primarily on a linear story with a tight cast of characters and just enough strategy in the battle system to keep things interesting in a world that has often tried to move on from the tried and true formula of turn based combat.

To start off, all of the characters we meet early on have their own abilities that are benefit the party in the overworld. Each character is also immediately likable, and add their own little oomph to the story. We are given a ragtag collection of underdogs that quickly get caught up in a world of intrigue.

The turn based combat finds its footing by offering each character different stances that can be utlized in different ways to better manage whichever situation that we find ourselves in. There is a peppering of side quests to help give the world the illusion of openness while still keeping us on a tight path of progression through the world and its narrative. It has been quite a while since I've been this enthralled by an RPG, and it does its homework well as far as providing nods to the Giants of the genre that have inspired it like Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross.

I'll be getting some more time in soon, and I'll keep you abreast of my progress through this beautiful world and intriguing story.


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