[Review] Devious Dungeon - Nintendo Switch

Devious Dungeon is the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch eShop library from Ratalaika Games. They've been known for their very prolific contributions to the ever-expanding library of quality of indie games for the platform, and Devious Dungeon is a fun 2D, pixel art rogue-like platforming dungeon crawler with light RPG elements.

In Devious Dungeon, you will fight your way through randomly generated levels, smashing stuff for coins, killing monsters for experience and coins, all the while trying to find the key that unlocks the portal to the next dungeon. After collecting enough experience, you will level up, and be given the choice between increasing one of three stats- strength for damage, dexterity for critical hits, and vitality for HP. Every three levels, and in between failures, you'll be given the option to use your coin to buy better weapons, armor, and accessories. Each of these is an incremental improvement over your last piece of gear, and to unlock the next most powerful item, you must purchase the currently available bit of gear. Sometimes you'll sacrifice a little but of speed with your weapon to have increased damage, but it's worth it to upgrade to the next more powerful and faster weapon.

It's a two button affair, so you only have to worry about jumping and attacking. This simple gameplay coupled with the easy to navigate levels leads to a fun, albeit shallow experience. Devious Dungeon shines by being super satisfying and extremely fun. There are bosses to take down every so often, and failure just kicks you back to the hub world where you have to start from the last set of 3 dungeons that you completed. Level navigation is easy enough, because they are small enough that if you make your way to the portal without the key, you can easily backtrack and find the path that you missed to obtain it. All the while, you'll be smashing up objects to collect more xoina, and defeating more enemies for experience and even more coin.

Devious Dungeon is a mobile port done right, as the simple, but addicting layout lends itself well to short bursts on the go, and rewarding chunks when at home. I highly recommend it for all  the intrepid spelunkers out there. My only wish would be for more options for gear and maybe the addition of special attacks.



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