[Review] Tesla vs. Lovecraft - Nintendo Switch

Over the last few months, 10tons has made a concerted effort to bring most of their games over to the Nintendo Switch. While not all of their games are for everyone, it is quite the solid mini library of games, and this is no different with their latest release, Tesla vs. Lovecraft for Nintendo Switch.  The only downside to this is that now we have to wait for them to develop a new game before getting to play such well-crafted games that are optimized well for the hardware.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is another intense and extremely fun twin stick shooter from the same developers that brought us Crimsonland, Jydge, and Time Recoil. The premise here is that you play as Nikola Tesla in a battle to the death against H.P. Lovecraft's ancient and powerful old ones and their minions of the Cthulu mythos. Each location you visit will have some relationship to both real life and fictional locations related to each historical figure, and you will make your way across three planes of existence. In each level, you will be pursued by hordes of minions and mutants while surviving as long as possible. Each enemy you kill will earn you experience, and when you accumulate enough experience you level up. You'll be prompted to press Y to level up, and once you do, you will be given the option to choose between two perks. Each perk will give you an upgrade of some sort. Examples include bullets that have a 50% chance of going through enemies, 20% increase in firing speed, 30% more maximum health, 30% more power up crates (these could include different guns, fire bullets, health drops, or other special attacks), and more.

In Tesla vs. Lovecraft for Nintendo Switch, the controls are well-tuned and fun to play with. As with most twin stick shooters, you'll be using the analog sticks to move and position your character, ZR to shoot, and L warps your Tesla in the direction you are pushing the left stick. This last bit is an incredibly useful way to avoid becoming overwhelmed with enemies, and the only way to get through troublesome fences or walls within certain levels. Learning to use this in tandem with your weapons is crucial to your survival, and warping away from an oncoming wave of bodies never gets old.  In addition to running little Tesla ragged, you'll also be given the opportunity to assemble the pieces of a mech and various other technologies from around the level to use against your enemies. This tech is relatively short lived within the level, but you can wreak massive amounts of havoc while it is active, and is always very rewarding to hunt down and collect all of the pieces for.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft runs smoothly and looks gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch, so no need to worry about slowdown or frame drops, even when playing in handheld mode. 10tons has become quite familiar with the hardware, it seems, and I am really looking forward to their future releases for the console. Maybe next time around they will include some HD rumble....

Tesla vs. Lovecraft for Nintendo Switch is a beautiful slice of colorful intensity that has graced all of our favorite hybrid device, and I cannot recommend the game enough. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some spawn of Dagon butt to kick.



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