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Super preview roundup!

Inksplosion (Nintendo Switch)

Inksplosion is one of the more recent ports from Ratalaika games. It has found it's way from Steam over to the home consoles. I received a review copy of the game and so far I have only made it past the first three screens(levels? Fights?). As such, it's really difficult to write an honest review of the game. I can definitely provide my impression of the game, and that's kind of what this article is about.
Inksplosion is a twin stick shooter of sorts. Unfortunately, this isn't immediately evident from the start. In fact, nothing is obvious or intuitive about the game at all. I probably died at least half a dozen times before I realized which on screen sprite represented me(it's the skull from the icon, which seems all too obvious in hindsight), and another half a dozen before I was able to confirm which button was for shooting. Even after that it took me a few more tries before I was able to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, …

[Review] Sumer - Nintendo Switch

Sumer for Nintendo Switch has been out for a little while now, and I've put a lot of time into it between solo play against the crafty AI and various groups of players mostly made up by my children and their usually reluctant (at first) friends. Sometimes I would just sit back and watch them all duke it out for the favor of the Sumerian goddess, Inanna. You play as a nobleman in ancient Sumer, and the obiect is to send out your workers to gather resources which you will be using to pay tribute to the aforementioned goddess, with the ultimate goal of proving your worth as a suitor to rule the land at Inanna's side by paying the most tribute.

Sumer is touted as a board game come video game, and the two ideas go well together here. While most board games to video game conversions just show you a virtual version of the board and add in some music, sound effects and animations to spice things up a bit, here we find the ability to platform around the board itself. It's one part…

[Review] Saturday Morning RPG - Nintendo Switch

Saturday Morning RPG has come to the Nintendo Switch, and it has found a very welcome home for me. You see, when the game was getting it's firs physical release on the PlayStation Vita, I missed out on buying it from Limited Run Gamed, but ended up purchasing it through the store on PSN. It just looked like a fun game to play, and I wasn't going to deny myself the opportunity to play just because I missed out on the physical release. I started to play it shortly after finishing Ys Memories of Celceta as somewhat of a palate cleanser before moving on to the epic saga that was Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel. Unfortunately, this was all happening for me around the time that the Nintendo Switch was launching, and I ended up putting my Vita aside to enjoy my new toy.

Fast forward a little over a year, and it was announced that Saturday Morning RPG was coming to the Switch, and Josh from Limited Run Games was handing out review codes on Twitter. After being tagged in the twe…

[Review] Cast of the Seven Godsends - Nintendo Switch

Cast of the Seven Godsends is a truly retro inspired action platformer with a lot more emphasis placed on the action than the platforming. It often reminded me of Ghouls N' Ghosts, not the least because of its challenges level of difficulty. Thankfully, there are no underwear only indications of low health to be found.

The game totes itself as a return to classic arcade run and guns, but I associate that term more closely with Contra and Metal Slug. While there is plenty of running and shooting of projectiles across the various weapons, it is very much an homage to Ghouls N' Ghosts. Granted, the difficulty in Cast of the Seven Godsends isn't found in the routine enemies, but the bosses and minibosses scattered throughout the four worlds. Unfortunately, there is a similar difficulty found in the limited amount of hits that you can take before death. I also never really doing myself having too much fun.

The game offers little variety in the level design, and the bosses are …