[Review] Cast of the Seven Godsends - Nintendo Switch

Cast of the Seven Godsends is a truly retro inspired action platformer with a lot more emphasis placed on the action than the platforming. It often reminded me of Ghouls N' Ghosts, not the least because of its challenges level of difficulty. Thankfully, there are no underwear only indications of low health to be found.

The game totes itself as a return to classic arcade run and guns, but I associate that term more closely with Contra and Metal Slug. While there is plenty of running and shooting of projectiles across the various weapons, it is very much an homage to Ghouls N' Ghosts. Granted, the difficulty in Cast of the Seven Godsends isn't found in the routine enemies, but the bosses and minibosses scattered throughout the four worlds. Unfortunately, there is a similar difficulty found in the limited amount of hits that you can take before death. I also never really doing myself having too much fun.

The game offers little variety in the level design, and the bosses are fruatrating instead of feeling like a strategic challenge to be overcome by learning their patterns and adapting your play style based on those patterns. Cast of the Seven Godsends isn't without it's strengths, however. The controls are tight and responsive, and the jumps are satisfying. The music is decent, and the variety of spells and weapons is a nice touch for breaking up the lackluster platforming that is mostly just moving from left to right.

Cast of the Seven Godsends also boasts a pretty interesting story, even if it is mostly window dressing for the action. You play as King Kandar, and the evil emperor Zaraaima has kidnapped your infant heir to the throne of Dareca. Aiding you on your quest are seven gods that grant you with different armor sets and spells to be utilized in clever ways. If the game hadn't felt so much like the venerable classic that it draws inspiration from, and instead chose to implement even a few touches of the kodern by integrating specific buttons for casting spells over the too-long charge system currently present, the game could have been more exciting.

As it stands, however, Cast of the Seven Godsends feels too derivative, and not strong enough in it's differences to stand on its own.


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