[Review] Saturday Morning RPG - Nintendo Switch

Saturday Morning RPG has come to the Nintendo Switch, and it has found a very welcome home for me. You see, when the game was getting it's firs physical release on the PlayStation Vita, I missed out on buying it from Limited Run Gamed, but ended up purchasing it through the store on PSN. It just looked like a fun game to play, and I wasn't going to deny myself the opportunity to play just because I missed out on the physical release. I started to play it shortly after finishing Ys Memories of Celceta as somewhat of a palate cleanser before moving on to the epic saga that was Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel. Unfortunately, this was all happening for me around the time that the Nintendo Switch was launching, and I ended up putting my Vita aside to enjoy my new toy.

Fast forward a little over a year, and it was announced that Saturday Morning RPG was coming to the Switch, and Josh from Limited Run Games was handing out review codes on Twitter. After being tagged in the tweet by a good buddy, I got in contact with Josh and let him know that I'd love to cover the game on my blog. Then another snafu hit to delay my playthrough a little bit- work unexpectedly picked up and I already had a relative flood of games to handle. O finally managed to find some gaming time, and here we are.

In brief, Saturday Morning RPG is a pleasant, although short, stroll down memory lane of being an eighties kid growing up in the nineties. As can be expected by the name, Saturday Morning RPG draws a lot of inspiration from the pop culture of my early formative years. With enemies, protagonist, items, and attacks modeled after heroes, villains, and pop culture icons of the era, the game plays heavily into nostalgia.

Sprite based graphics guide us through a world filled with more references than your average Family Guy episode. There is a trapper keeper with customizable covers that gives you different bonuses in battle, scratch and sniff stickers that do the same, and item based attacks in a turn based combat system that utilize a power up meter which enables you to perform more devastating attacks with well timed button presses. There are some optional touchscreen controls, but you can easily execute these actions with the controller itself when playing in docked mode or if you just prefer not to use the touchscreen.

The game is very light-hearted, and offers about 6-8 hours of playtime for everyone that wants to fully explore everything on offer. There isn't as much content as many other retro style turn based RPGs, but there is a satisfactory amount for the price tag. Saturday Morning RPG offers a simplistic gameplay experience that never wears out its welcome, and is full of a lot of charm.

Many of the references will go over the heads of younger players not familiar with the dozens of throwbacks, but the game still offers gameplay enticing enough that it should create curiosity for those ignorant of the time period. I definitely recommend Saturday Morning RPG, just don't go in with lofty expectations of an epic quest.



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