Super preview roundup!

Inksplosion (Nintendo Switch)

Inksplosion is one of the more recent ports from Ratalaika games. It has found it's way from Steam over to the home consoles. I received a review copy of the game and so far I have only made it past the first three screens(levels? Fights?). As such, it's really difficult to write an honest review of the game. I can definitely provide my impression of the game, and that's kind of what this article is about.
Inksplosion is a twin stick shooter of sorts. Unfortunately, this isn't immediately evident from the start. In fact, nothing is obvious or intuitive about the game at all. I probably died at least half a dozen times before I realized which on screen sprite represented me(it's the skull from the icon, which seems all too obvious in hindsight), and another half a dozen before I was able to confirm which button was for shooting. Even after that it took me a few more tries before I was able to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, and how I was to accomplish that. It is as simple as shooting the other sprites while avoiding being shot by an opposing color. I just never really felt like I was able to keep track of all the other colors or what I could and couldn't shoot with my own color. It reminded me an awful lot of inversus to a point, but much more chaotic and less fun as a result. It's bright, and frantic, but too frantic.

Inksplosion on eShop

West of Loathing (PC)

This is actually a game that I've been looking forward to playing since I started seeing ads for it on facebook, and then it was announced for the Nintendo Switch during the indie showcase from March. I contacted the devs, and they sent me a code for the game on steam.
I was very excited to jump into the game and give it a go. I started it up and began playing. The stick figure art style and simple turn based combat go very well with the humorous tone that is set from loading up the game, and it is gloriously funny.
Unfortunately, it fell victim to my inability to easily access the game to play it to begin with. I've mentioned before that I'm primarily a handheld gamer, and the biggest reason behind this is the convenience of not being tethered to a fixed screen. I love my two hours with the game. It's full of general humor that most people will dig, and the turn based combat is familiar, and never feels tedious. I'm really looking forward to getting more into this game on the Switch, and it'll be sooner than later. The game is coming May 31, 2018. That puts it a little more than a week out.

West of Loathing on Steam

Elea - Episode 1 (PC)

To be fair, this game is in early access on Steam. That being said, it was mostly a broken mess to play. I can overlook the flat textures and graphical clipping due to this being what I'm assuming is a bit more like an alpha plus build of the game, but the frame rate just stutters along in the best of situations. I don't have a very powerful PC by any means, but even when I set everything to low, it still chugged along for the most part (even though it auto-detected my PC for medium settings). I wanted to get that out of the way, first.
Elea is an adventure game set in the near future. You are at home with your child, having a phone conversation with your husband, when the power goes out. You then have to navigate your way through the dark house to get the lights up and running again. I never managed to do this, because after I left the starting room the game would crash or stutter to a halt anytime that I venrtured more than a few feet at a time. I basically had to walk 4-5 steps, stop, and wait a few seconds before going again to not crash the game. I'm interested to go back to the game once some more updates have happened, but I feel like the dev launched it in early access a bit too early.

Elea Episode 1 on early access for Steam

I'll cover these games more in the future, as possible, but I've had most of them for some time already, and really needed to get my thoughts about them out there for the time being. Please go check them out if you want. I'll keep you updated on Elea, especially, because the premise could make for an interesting episodic game.


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