[Review] Punch Club - Nintendo Switch

Ever since tinyBuild announced their support of the Nintendo Switch, they've been bringing a lot of unique and original ideas to Nintendo fans that may not have taken the opportunity to play their games before, and Punch Club is another in the ever growing library that combines a few interesting elements into a satisfying experience.

Punch Club is, essentially, a life sim where you take on the role of an aspiring boxer. You have to talk to trainers, add new moves to your repertoire, exercise, eat, and find employment to earn an income to pay for all of it.

Initially, I wasn't quite sure what to think of the game, as I wrongfully assumed that I was going to be playing a boxing gym simulator. While it is partially that, having the focus on one specific boxer makes for a deeper experience. As I mentioned above, you have to eat, work, train, and of course, fight.  This entails traveling around the city, chatting up the right people, buying groceries, eating meals when you get too hungry or low on energy, sleeping to restore your energy.

Traveling is done by selecting where you want to go, and choosing between walking for free (but consuming more of your precious tome), or paying for public transport. Paying is the preferred method since the game is partially a time management sim, but you will go broke quickly buying your meals and paying for your gym membership, so sometimes you just have to hoof it. You will develop leads on jobs and training facilities as you progress through the game. Each job takes a certain amount of time to complete, and pays differing amounts based on that time spent. Some jobs will drain your energy more quickly, but usually offer better compensation as a result.

The biggest downside to all of this is that you can only eat at home, unless you're grabbing a quick snack at the gym during a training session. As such, you'll spend a lot of time and/or money going between whatever you want to work on and home. This is also true of sleeping, which is an absolute necessity.

Punch Club is a fun way to while away your time, but it isn't a thrilling experience for those looking for action. This leads me to my next point. I really wish that the fights in the game were actually controlled one to one. Instead, you just learn a variety of moves, and then you perform them autpmatically during the fight. This leads to a more strategic part of the game where you need to learn what moves are working for you, and then what needs to be changed for any given fight.

Punch Club can probably best be described as Sims..with boxing. This sentence right here will probably determine your level of enjoyment in the game. So, if you're looking for a new life sim to focus your micromanagement skills upon, then look no further.


Punch Club for eShop

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