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[Review] West of Loathing - Nintendo Switch

As I previously mentioned in my Super Preview Roundup! from May, I have been looking forward to West of Loathing basically since it's announcement. It's release on the Nintendo Switch has finally enabled me to slaughter ghostly cows and grind skeleton bones on the go. So, was the excitement and wait worth it?

West of Loathing is based upon a browser based game that I had previously never heard of called "Kingdom of Loathing". It reached between 100,000 and 150,000 active players in 2008, and became profitable through donations and merchandising sales instead of utilizing a subscription service. The MMO spawned a kickstarter funded card game entitiled Mr. Card Game, and now we've been treated to the latest spinoff, a single-player role playing game full of the simplistic stick figure based artwork and surreal humor that fans of the series have come to expect. As a person that was previously ignorant of the series, I will say that the humor hits often, and feels c…

[Review] Miles and Kilo - Nintendo Switch

Miles and Kilo is Four Horses' follow up to endless runner Kid Tripp. As I've noted in my other reviews of sequels, it is usually expected that when a developer makes a new entry in a series, that they show off what they've learned from the previous game by making improvements, and Miles and Kilo is a great example of a sequel done right.

Instead of just sticking with the excellent level resigned crafted around the game's mechanics (which are still present), they upped the ante by giving Miles and Kilo the ability to have full control in levels where you're just Miles. The Kilo levels are still auto-runs, but they mix it up between the levels at a pretty nice pace and variance to keep things fresh and not make the game too frustrating for those that don't enjoy endless runners.  As you progress through each level, you will fail, but it is a fair learning experience that you must overcome to conquer the level in one go.

Miles and Kilo was designed with speed run…

[Review] Garage - Nintendo Switch

As I've said before in previous reviews of Tiny Build games, it seems as though they are dong their best to leave a mark on the Nintendo Switch by providing a slew of original games in their wake, and Garage is no exception. On its surface, Garage appears to be a twin stick shooter with survival horror elements, but once you peel back the layers, it's a very serviceable old school overhead shooter more in the vein of Loaded or Grand Theft Auto with a much heavier influence from the survival horror genre than just a few elements.

To start off with, we have our story. You're a drug dealer that has found himself in the trunk of a car, and upon escaping you quickly discover that something has gone awry. As is usual in the survival horror genre, you're confronted with horrifyingly twisted and super aggressive mutants out for blood, and it's up to you to fight your way through the multilevel parking garage utilizing limited ammo and weapons while backtracking to find th…