[Review] Garage - Nintendo Switch

As I've said before in previous reviews of Tiny Build games, it seems as though they are dong their best to leave a mark on the Nintendo Switch by providing a slew of original games in their wake, and Garage is no exception. On its surface, Garage appears to be a twin stick shooter with survival horror elements, but once you peel back the layers, it's a very serviceable old school overhead shooter more in the vein of Loaded or Grand Theft Auto with a much heavier influence from the survival horror genre than just a few elements.

To start off with, we have our story. You're a drug dealer that has found himself in the trunk of a car, and upon escaping you quickly discover that something has gone awry. As is usual in the survival horror genre, you're confronted with horrifyingly twisted and super aggressive mutants out for blood, and it's up to you to fight your way through the multilevel parking garage utilizing limited ammo and weapons while backtracking to find the right key card to enable your progress.

The game feels very familiar, but not in a bad way. The subterranean space is filled out nicely with scary creatures and literally trippy spaces accessible through taking drugs you find lying around. The bosses provide a nice bit of strategy and challenge, and the atmosphere is dripping with tension. All along the way, you'll piece together the story through found notes.

The controls are fluid and intuitive, but the only drawback I can find in Garage is in it's somewhat spotty hit detection. This is especially apparent when being assaulted by rats, and your only recourse early on is to stomp on them. It is very difficult to line up your kicks just right, and you die a bit too often in a frustrating manner due to this, calling back to mind Medusa heads from the Castlevania series.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and a few scares from Garahw, but I really wish those damn rats were easier to stomp. Pesky little bermin.


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