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[Review] TETRA's Escape - Nintendo Switch

TETRA's Escape is the latest Ratalaika game to grace our beloved Nintendo Switch, and I love the hardworking team over at Ratalaika. The sheer depth of variety and experiences found in the existing Ratalaika Games library to be found on the Switch is impressive. TETRA's Escape is a puzzle platformer that takes on a very familiar mainstay of the puzzle genre- the four squared tetrominoes we all know and love, and puts them into a new and interesting situation.

We have a framing narrative that all of the tetrominoes have been transported to another dimension, and we need to save them! This is all well and good, but how does TETRA's Escape play out to be something aside from a Tetris knockoff while still using tetrominoes? Well, I'm glad you asked. We are tasked with using the various tetrominoes to create steps and bridges for our little tetra pieces to navigate around different levels to get from the start to the finish. Along the way we are given some star collectibles…

Super Mega Preview Roundup! With News!

So, I'm sure that you have all noticed that my content creation has quickly tapered off over the last couple of months. While a lot of this initially had to do with me simply spreading myself out too thin, writing for 5 additional websites in addition to my own, the rest has had to do with a number of factors.
The first of which is that I took on a second job, in addition to my full time job. On top of that, summer came, and I was spending most of my time not spent working or sleeping, with my family enjoying the outdoors and lovely weather. Of course, this meant that I was finding myself with less and less time to actually play all of these amazing games. Then, when work started slowing down and many camping trips were had, I finally had time to dive back into the games that I was responsible for covering on my own publication...and tragedy struck. Not just one, but both of our family cats got into something toxic in the neighborhood. This does not seem to have been anything inte…

[Review] Candle: The Power of the Flame - Nintendo Switch

In the beginning, the gods created light- and that light brought life. From that life, darkness sprang. The dark life forms used their will and cunning to dominate others, and the gods were not pleased. They extinguished the light of life with a purging fire, only to bring back the clean dark and start anew. They wished to make another attempt at life, with the hopes that this time, life would not use their malice to dominate others, again. Candle: The Power of the Flame begins with us possibly witnessing the beginning of this new end, and puts us into a world that is somewhat familiar, but just alien enough to keep it's placement in the timeline vague for story purposes. 
This beautiful world hand painted in pastels and watercolors, is full of lush vegetation and somewhat primal trappings. Maybe not ancient, but not yet in the modern ages. The magnificent voice work, beautiful art style, and beautiful music paint an amazing picture, and this is essential for the whole gameplay ex…

[Review] Super Destronaut DX - Nintendo Switch

Super Destronaut DX is the latest port from Ratalaika Games, and it brings with it a lot of old school arcade flavor.

At its most basic, Super Destronaut DX is a colorfully stylish update on the classic Space Invaders formula. For the five people out there that haven't played the arcade classic, there is an advancing horde of aliens on screen that move left or right, and then drop one line towards your gunner ship. You can only move your ship left or right, and are otherwise glued to the bottom of the screen. You shoot up towards the aliens, and occasionally you get shields to hide behind as they reign projectiles down upon you. It's an utterly simple formula, and the primary goal is to clear the screen of alien waves that become increasingly quicker and stronger as you go on. Take too many hits, and you die. Aliens get to the bottom of the screen? Game over.

Super Destronaut DX also offers a local multiplayer mode where you and a buddy can zap invaders together, simultaneousl…