[Review] Super Destronaut DX - Nintendo Switch

Super Destronaut DX is the latest port from Ratalaika Games, and it brings with it a lot of old school arcade flavor.

At its most basic, Super Destronaut DX is a colorfully stylish update on the classic Space Invaders formula. For the five people out there that haven't played the arcade classic, there is an advancing horde of aliens on screen that move left or right, and then drop one line towards your gunner ship. You can only move your ship left or right, and are otherwise glued to the bottom of the screen. You shoot up towards the aliens, and occasionally you get shields to hide behind as they reign projectiles down upon you. It's an utterly simple formula, and the primary goal is to clear the screen of alien waves that become increasingly quicker and stronger as you go on. Take too many hits, and you die. Aliens get to the bottom of the screen? Game over.

Super Destronaut DX also offers a local multiplayer mode where you and a buddy can zap invaders together, simultaneously. As often ends up being the case with many of the indie games that I have previously covered, the couch co-op is an excellent fit for the Nintendo Switch, and will be the reason that you keep coming back to Super Destronaut DX again, and again. This deluxe version also includes challenge modes, time attack, and online leaderboards.

While Super Destronaut DX doesn't accomplish anything new, it doesn't really need to when it is building upon a simple formula that is meant to be enjoyed for exactly what it is- a single screen arcade space shooter. It's fun, and the couch co-op makes it worth the purchase if you often have company.


*Review copy provided by Ratalaika Games


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