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[Review] Flipping Death - Nintendo Switch

Flipping Death is the latest masterpiece from Zoink! Games, and a true return to form after the unique departure that was Fe. Upon entering the world of Flipping Death, we are treated to a humorous animated opening featuring that bizarre charm we have come to expect from the team at Zoink! where Penny, our heroine, is working in a funeral home, and "livening things up a bit". This gets her fired, and after an unfortunate car accident leads to Penny and her boyfriend taking shelter in a graveyard mausoleum for a makeout session, she falls through the floor and dies. Upon arriving in the after life, she encounters Death, who just needs a vacation. She is press ganged into taking over, and now must use her newfound powers and abilities to help put the spirits of Flatwood Peaks to rest.

The primary game mechanic at play in Flipping Death lends itself to the title- wherein you are Death, and you flip between the world of the dead and the world of the living. Penny is able to poss…