[Review] Flipping Death - Nintendo Switch

Flipping Death is the latest masterpiece from Zoink! Games, and a true return to form after the unique departure that was Fe. Upon entering the world of Flipping Death, we are treated to a humorous animated opening featuring that bizarre charm we have come to expect from the team at Zoink! where Penny, our heroine, is working in a funeral home, and "livening things up a bit". This gets her fired, and after an unfortunate car accident leads to Penny and her boyfriend taking shelter in a graveyard mausoleum for a makeout session, she falls through the floor and dies. Upon arriving in the after life, she encounters Death, who just needs a vacation. She is press ganged into taking over, and now must use her newfound powers and abilities to help put the spirits of Flatwood Peaks to rest.

The primary game mechanic at play in Flipping Death lends itself to the title- wherein you are Death, and you flip between the world of the dead and the world of the living. Penny is able to possess living beings using souls harvested from the world of the dead, at which point you begin to control their bodies and use them as your primary resource for solving puzzles. Different living beings require different types and amounts of the souls you can collect, and you have to solve earlier puzzles to unlock new areas and types of souls.

While in the land of the dead, you can also use Death's scythe to teleport around the screen. You throw the scythe in a direction, and then press the button again to be pulled to it. This helps traverse the landscape a bit more easily, and is the only way to access certain areas without navigating the entire world and scouting for strategic drop points. In addition to flipping between the land of the living and dead, you also reverse east/west when flipping between the worlds. This is a little disorienting at first, but it's a very flavorful addition to the game, and makes a lot more sense than not having it reverse when you flip around.

As can be expected with any Zoink! game, Flipping Death is a grotesquely beautiful game with catchy and memorable music. Flatwood Peaks is populated with many unique characters, almost all of which have their part to play. The game has it's fair share of odd and bizarre situations, but the puzzles can be a little obtuse at times. Thankfully, there is an included hint feature that will show you a picture to help you crack the case of any particularly difficult puzzle you may be stuck on. While the solutions are never completely out there, it becomes a little more difficult if you accidentally skip a cutscene or speed past dialog, as this is the game's primary means of relaying relevant information that will greatly aid you on your quest.

Flipping Death, following in the footsteps of Stick it to the Man, a spiritual predecessor, is a wondrous blend of point and click adventure and puzzle platform games. The twisted storybook art and dark humor present throughout always keeps the game fun and engaging,
I definitely recommend Flipping Death for any one looking for a good laugh while they solve their puzzles.



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