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Ms. Splosion Man (Switch) Ramblin' Review

The Nintendo Switch has gotten it's fair share of games originally published on the Xbox Live Arcade, and Ms. Splosion Man brought all of it's absurdity to the party. As some of my more astute readers may have noticed, I went back to the ol' Ramblin' Review subtitle for this one, and with good reason. As with many of my other reviews, this will begin with a bit of a story. 
When I finally bought a secondhand XBox360 in October of 2009, auspiciously to play Mass Effect and its (then) upcoming sequel, I realized shortly thereafter that many of the AAA games available at the time were generally just too much time investment for games that weren't wholly unique or didn't contain a gripping story with a lot of deep character interaction. There seemed to have been much more emphasis on making games that looked good and created an easy transition to the online multiplayer that the developers were really trying to sell because of the greater potential to make money on…

[Review] SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Nintendo Switch

Of all the venerable video game developers out there, SNK is probably the company whose earlier legacy is largely forgotten. Most often associated with The Neo-Geo line of consoles and their amazing lineup of 2d fighting games, it is nice to see a collection of the early years when SNK was primarily focused on making quality arcade titles covering a larger variety of genres. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection starts off with thirteen titles, but closer to twenty games since it not only includes the arcade version of the games, but the console versions as well.

The initial lineup includes Alpha Mission, Athena, Crystalis, Ikari Warriors, Ikari III: The Rescue, Victory Road, Guerilla War, P.O.W., Prehistoric Isle, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart, Vanguard, and TNK-III (the console version is Iron Tank). I mention off the bat that this will be the initial lineup because there will eventually be eleven more games released as DLC on December 11. Nine of those will be included in a patch, and…

[Review] SkyScrappers - Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is known for it's currently amazing and ever-expanding library of multiplayer games. Ant Workshop brings us Ground Shatter's SkyScrappers, an arcade style platform fighting game. The game has a few different modes, allowing for local multiplayer and featuring a single player campaign. There are also two different ways to win- by eliminating all of your opponents, or making it to the top of the Skyscraper. You see, SkyScrapper's namesake and gimmick comes from it's setting- a recently demolished skyscrapper has been demolished, and you and a varying number of fighters are participating in a deadly game of ascending to the top of the falling building while fighting off your opponents. There are falling objects that can be used to bounce to a higher level, as well as hazards that can deplete your health bar.

Story mode finds you picking one of four fighters, and then fighting your way through different combinations of the other three while pursuing vi…