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[Review] The Princess Guide - Nintendo Switch

The Princess Guide is a niche action role playing game where you take on hordes of baddies and train a princess up to be a powerful ruler. It takes some more traditional mechanics from the RPG genre, and borrows some others from the beat em up category. The Princess Guide (somewhat) introduces a scold/praise mechanic to aid in your grooming.

The Princess Guide dumps us into the game with a tutorial battle that also serves as the "last" battle for our protagonist, a great general. Such is this general's renown that bards have composed songs, books are written about, and children aspire to be him. While the last battle shows our general to still be capable, he is no longer in his prime, and he is relieved of duty so that he may retire with his life. Of course, being an old soldier that knows nothing else but battle, the decision is made to become a military counsel to up and coming rulers. There are four princesses warring over the land, and you will get the opportunity t…